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Your Mental Janitor

80% of adults suffer from sleep deprivation of some level or type. And this may be a bigger problem than you think.

“Sleep, it turns out, may play a crucial role in our brain’s physiological maintenance. As your body sleeps, your brain is quite actively playing the part of mental janitor: It’s clearing out all of the junk that has accumulated as a result of your daily thinking.”

This article suggests there may be a link between sleep deprivation and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

With a greater understanding of one reason why restful sleep is so critical, the medical and pharmaceutical community can continue to explore new ways to combat sleep disorders. On the flip side, as the article states, “A second approach would take the opposite tack, by seeking to mimic the cleanup-promoting actions of sleep in the awake brain, which could make a full night of sound sleep less necessary.” 

Read the full article at nytimes.com

Pizza Hut’s Dating Profile

After claiming to receive daily “marry me” proposals on twitter, Pizza Hut is ready to commit and has created an OKCupid profile. This is OKCupid’s biggest brand integration and not to mention a very interesting route for a brand to take….they are really looking to “connect” with consumers!